We’ve been in this game a while and have a wide range of expertise, but every now and then even we get stumped and have to learn something new. From time-to-time we like to distil our collected knowledge into a database of informative articles: welcome to our knowledgebase. Anything from solutions to common problems, to opinions on emerging technologies: there is something here for everyone. So check back every now-and-then and see if there’s something you’d like to read.

Posts by Andrew Katsivas

Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

With so much negative press about Windows 8, people are naturally skeptical of upgrading their systems to Windows 10 for fear of being stuck with a less-usable operating system. Often the theory goes like this: “But <insert version of Windows> works really well, why should I change it?” This is founded in the old adage “if it…

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Why do I need to backup?

Imagine this: something goes wrong and your important files and data are missing – your emails are all gone, your family photos dating back 10 years have disappeared, your CV and references for that new job you applied for, no longer exist. What do you do? Do you have another copy anywhere? Enter the backup…

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Hello, World!

It’s been a long and dusty road, but our website has finally gone live (as you can no doubt tell) and I for one think it’s been well worth the wait. For those of you not in the programming game (most people), the title of this post “Hello, World” is the canonical name of a coder’s…

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