The last password you will ever forget – Lastpass


The number one way to compromise your data and security is by having a weak password, and yet, most of us can’t help but set an easy password. There are other methods of complacency which we have gotten used to such as letting our web browser save our password or the more analog method of having a Password Book.

This article isn’t about telling you off, we know it’s not great to have 123456 as our password but who can remember all those passwords let alone if they are complex. Luckily one company has had a good think about it and come up with a pretty nifty way of storing all your password securely and even giving us that autofill feature we love!

LastPass is a web-based password storage database system, in short, you enter in your passwords for different accounts and services and LastPass remembers them and secures them. LastPass will also offer to save your passwords in its vault whenever you log in to different accounts and services via a handy browser plugin which will also prefill usernames and passwords its learned for simpler login. So it’s convenient, easy to use and is encrypted to the teeth.

One master password, that’s all you need.

Hypercore use this product internally, why? Because we manage thousands of account passwords for our clients and we need to make sure they are secured with top-grade security. With password generation, auditing, quick search, and mobile access features it’s the top Password Vault software available.

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