Upgrading? Try a NUC.

Has it become time to upgrade your system? Maybe it’s starting to run slowly, or maybe it’s just taking up too much room? 
You might not know about a new breed of desktop PC  called a ‘NUC’. It stands for ‘Next Unit of Computing’ and it holds hardware as powerful as larger systems, but in a case the size of a large sandwich.  This means that it will be taking a minimum of valuable desk space, if any at all as it’s small enough to hang from the back of your monitor.
 NUC hanging on monitor
You won’t just be saving space; a NUC uses low-power components, meaning that your electricity bill compared to a full size system will be smaller. At idle, the system uses one tenth the amount of energy as a comparable full-size desktop. You might also be used to your PC sounding like it’s being cleared for take-off when you’re using a few programs at once. This won’t be a problem with a NUC, as even at full load it’s as quiet as a stealth bomber.
 A PC in the palm of your hand
All of this in a tiny package and the company who makes the chip inside that’s doing the grunt-work, also made the board it’s seated on: Intel. This means that you can rely on it to be 100% compatible with Windows, along with meeting all industry standards with its ports. The case itself is high quality and durable too, so you won’t be worried that you just purchased a toy. Especially not when you’re using it, as the parts inside are of the latest generations. The hard drive is a new solid state drive, with no moving parts, so you won’t be setting off to make a cup of coffee while waiting for Windows to boot. They come with 8GB of super-fast RAM as well, so that no matter how many instances of Word you have running or tabs you have open in your web browser it’ll still be as fast as five seconds after boot.
 NUC taking up very little space
If all of this has piqued your interest, contact us here at Hypercore and we’ll happily talk you through your options so your next upgrade is quiet, powerful, and invisible.
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