Hello, World!


It’s been a long and dusty road, but our website has finally gone live (as you can no doubt tell) and I for one think it’s been well worth the wait. For those of you not in the programming game (most people), the title of this post “Hello, World” is the┬ácanonical name of a coder’s first program, so it seemed fitting for our first article to be named as such.

Blogging has become something ubiquitous that many businesses now do as a part of their “web presence”: its roots come from Google and other search engines favouring web-sites with “up-to-date content”. Often (but not always) I find that this translates into a wealth of posts that are either (a) filled with misinformation, opinion and conjecture, or (b) re-posts of unoriginal material found elsewhere. I think there is a danger of many businesses falling into this trap, one I would actively like to avoid: however, this is all “my opinion” and probably fits into category (a).

Therefore, rather than think of this as a blog where we write about our feelings and emotions, think of it as a resource-centre where we try and coalesce our knowledge and experience into a library of information you can search and consume. This will tie in well with our monthly update email (to be released in 2016) where we will trawl the IT techno-waves to find out all the latest news and improvements, to keep you informed about what’s going on.

So to you, the user who is reading this first article, I say thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the articles to come: if you learn but one new thing from what we have to say, then this knolwedgebase will be a true success.

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