Who manages the IT guys?


What is “Managed IT Services” anyway? There are plenty of IT guys out there that you can call or get to come to your home or business and you get the service, get the bill and never get so much as a smile or an explanation of the problem. Pretty cold in my opinion. So what’s the difference between Managed IT Services and a dial-a-nerd?

It’s the connection! Hypercore is a Managed IT Service provider and we don’t want to be the people you call when you have a problem, we want to be part of your FAMILY, we want to be your IT TEAM and we want to be part of your BUSINESS! Alright, enough propaganda, the point is that Managed IT Services means you can trust the guys you call to help you with your problems and it also means they have a plan to keep your tech running, up-to-date and working for you. It’s not a break fix solution it’s continuous improvement.

Starting a new business? The belt is tight, we understand but buying cheap tech now from JB-HI-FI won’t help your bottom line later on. Here is the thing, by the time you factor in time to purchase, collect, setup and mess around with everything you have already cost your business thousands in lost productivity. Worse yet if you have to call an IT guy anyway and fork out even more just to fix everything up. You should be selling product and getting new customers not trying to install a printer or troubleshoot your email flow. Had you brought in a Managed IT Service provider to design and deploy a complete network setup that takes into consideration your businesses current and future growth, you would be so far ahead in your work you could take a holiday! You would know your IT needs are sorted, you can rely on someone you trust and best of all you know you have backup from people who know what they are doing if something goes wrong.

IT is getting easier to use there is no doubt about it but the choice in what you can get and how you can set it up is growing exponentially so it’s a bit hard to know what will work for you or your business. Managed IT Service companies have hundreds of clients all of whom need custom setups in order to suit their needs, you can leverage that knowledge for your own benefit and improve your workflow and business productivity.

We all know about Murphy’s Law, it’s going to happen. The difference is you will be prepared and you won’t be alone. That is what Managed IT Services is all about!

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