Fee Schedule

We charge a flat hourly rate for our time, based on a sliding scale of priority: this helps us to put you to the front of the queue when you need our help urgently, and enjoy cheaper rates when things aren’t so urgent. The listed timelines are a worst-case scenario – if we can get it done quicker, we always will; if something urgent pops up, this is the longest it will take. The quoted response times refer to the time that we will commence working for you on your requirements (it may not be the time by which the issue(s) will be fully resolved).

Off-site / remote work

Much of our service and support work can be performed off-site at our office, or remotely over the internet or phone: this allows us to make the best use of your time, and enables us the flexibility to bill in 6-minute increments (tenths of an hour).


(within 2 business days)


(within 1 business day)


(within 4-hours)

Hourly rate  $124.80 + GST $156 + GST $197.60 + GST

On-site work

If necessary we are happy to come on-site to assist, and on these occasions, we will bill in 15-minute increments. In addition to our above fee schedule based on priority, we charge $93.60 + GST per hour for travel (also in 15-minute increments). This ensures that our tech can get out to you safely with any required parts or tools.

After-hour work

Our office hours 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Any work conducted after these hours will be charged at a higher rate, but we will negotiate this directly with you depending on the circumstances and your needs.

Quoted fees and timelines correct at time of writing, and may be reviewed from time-to-time by notice in writing.