A major security flaw at the heart of the WPA2 security protocol has left your WiFi vulnerable to attack. Most home and business networks use the WPA2 security protocol, it is in charge of securing your network. The newly discovered flaw means hackers can easily hijack your network connection and execute malicious code on your computer. This is cause for concern of course and while vendors scramble to release patches for their wireless products many older WiFi products will be left in the dust.

The “KRACK” flaw allows hackers to basically pluck your data out of the air, not only that, they can then push malicious code into your network and directly to your computer. Changing your WiFi password won’t help, a hacker won’t need a password to get in. Antivirus is designed to trust your network so hackers can easily get past it by exploiting the KRACK flaw. So, how do we secure our networks? There are a few approaches:

The waiting game – You could wait for your hardware vendor to release a patch. Chances are you will be waiting forever, the WiFi modem you have is probably a few years old and no longer supported. But if you have a newer model WiFi product then keep an eye out for firmware updates and apply them as soon as possible (we can assist you with this).

Proactive approach – Update your tech and make sure the firmware is patched to address the KRACK flaw. This usually requires a full network deployment, expect a bit of downtime to set this up.

While this will impact home users it also hits business hard! We all want our data secured and right now it’s open to anyone savvy enough to exploit the WPA2 vulnerability. Take action and get your WiFi secured ASAP.

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