We’ve been in this game a while and have a wide range of expertise, but every now and then even we get stumped and have to learn something new. From time-to-time we like to distil our collected knowledge into a database of informative articles: welcome to our knowledgebase. Anything from solutions to common problems, to opinions on emerging technologies: there is something here for everyone. So check back every now-and-then and see if there’s something you’d like to read.

Posts by Sam Chadwick

The last password you will ever forget – Lastpass

The number one way to compromise your data and security is by having a weak password, and yet, most of us can’t help but set an easy password. There are other methods of complacency which we have gotten used to such as letting our web browser save our password or the more analog method of…

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A major security flaw at the heart of the WPA2 security protocol has left your WiFi vulnerable to attack. Most home and business networks use the WPA2 security protocol, it is in charge of securing your network. The newly discovered flaw means hackers can easily hijack your network connection and execute malicious code on your…

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Who manages the IT guys?

What is “Managed IT Services” anyway? There are plenty of IT guys out there that you can call or get to come to your home or business and you get the service, get the bill and never get so much as a smile or an explanation of the problem. Pretty cold in my opinion. So…

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Silver Lining – Cloud Based Backup

Dark clouds hang over your head, you have lost all of your data in an unthinkable disaster. What’s worse is that all your physical backups are gone as well, they were months out of date anyway. Worst……..ever. You probably think that this wouldn’t ever happen to you but you would be surprised how often people…

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Hypercore – EOFY Tax Breaks

Happy End-Of-Financial-Year (EOFY) The end of the 2017 financial year is fast approaching (too fast!) so it’s time to start getting your ducks in a row and get organised. With the Small Business Tax Break still eligible for the 2017 tax year, now is a great time to buy new or replacement IT hardware to…

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Cryptic Catastrophe

Ransomware….the last thing you want your IT guy to say. You may have heard the horror stories, you may have even experienced the sting of Ransomware yourself or you may have no idea what Ransomware is; either way keep reading because it may just save your computer life. Ransomware is in the business of making…

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Slow poke!

It’s a common story; you buy the latest and greatest computer and it runs well for the first few months but then you begin to find that everything is starting to slow down. It takes 10 minutes just to get everything going in the morning and opening a word document becomes an epic battle of…

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Upgrading? Try a NUC.

Has it become time to upgrade your system? Maybe it’s starting to run slowly, or maybe it’s just taking up too much room?  You might not know about a new breed of desktop PC  called a ‘NUC’. It stands for ‘Next Unit of Computing’ and it holds hardware as powerful as larger systems, but in…

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